View or make an appointment

If you are expecting a visit from our engineer please ensure that you have downloaded and installed the NHS track and trace app as soon as is possible ( if you have a smart phone. )

If you would like to request an engineer to make a visit then first check out the available slots on this calendar below.  

Please note that the bookings and spaces seen on this page may not be up do date because appointments that appear in this page are those that have already been accepted by us. When you click on the link to fill in the form then it will only show available slots which prevent the risk of double booking a slot.
Once you have found a suitable slot, then click here to fill in the form.  ( we will offer and accept appointments at our own discretion. ) Please consider the other places where already booked appointments are on the diary in relation to where you live. 

We will contact you by email or by phone to confirm that we have made the booking for you. ( If the slot you have chosen is difficult for us then we may offer you an alternative time or an alternative engineer.

You will also see your successful booking appear in the calendar. This will be added during normal office working hours once it has been accepted. 
Accepting an appointment, or dropping off something to our workshop for repair, implies that you have agreed to our terms and conditions. click here to read them. 
If you want to phone us during office hours then dial 01268799788.
The entry in blue has been taken.   The enty in yellow is available for you but first see the details in the slot. Where there is not entry then that is also available for you.

Please be careful that you are looking at the correct week because the view shows the week staring from last Monday.  Use the > button at the top of the calendar to go to the next week.