Dishwasher Help

If you are experiencing wash results problems with your dishwasher then try these helpful tips.

How to get the best results from my dishwasher

1.     Remove all un-dissolvable food stuff especially mashed potato, rice, etc from all objects before loading them into the dishwasher.

2.     Never rinse off plates or pans etc. with washing up liquid added to the water.

3.     Never use detergent with built-in salt or rinse aid like 3-in1 or all-in-one or quantum. Look for    “Classic” detergent.

4.     Check the filers below the bottom basket regularly.

 5.   Make sure there is salt in the salt chamber and rinse aid in the rinse aid dispenser see your instruction book for how to do this.

6.     Salt consumption rate should be about 2Kg in 30 washes.

7.     Always fill the salt when it is required just before you start a wash cycle. Make sure that you put it on a wash after you have topped up the salt chamber to wash away any spilt salt.

8.       Also it is a good idea to clean the build-up that forms on the main door seal and the residue under the lower door seal and clean the fine filter below the main filter in the sump of the dishwasher when you top up the salt.

9.    Rinse aid consumption rate should be about 30 to 50 CC or mLtrs  per 30 washes. On the basis of using the dishwasher once per day then refill the salt about once per month and the rinse aid about once in 3 months. Some models have an indicator on the display to say that the salt or rinse aid has run out.

 10. If the rinse aid or salt consumption is more or less that this rate then seek advice from a qualified dishwasher engineer.

11.  During the wash cycle listen out for the rhythm of the rotating wash arms, if it sounds like there is no rhythm then check that the wash arms do not have bits inside that are blocking the water flow, the arms come off, check your instruction for how to do this.

12.   Use a 65°C wash cycle whenever possible.

13.  Always put the detergent in the dispenser box in the door and close the lid before starting the wash. It is important to let the dishwasher dispense the detergent automatically at the correct time and that the dispenser lid is closed before the wash cycle is started.

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