Robomow Lawnmower

Robomow® Lawnmower Models – It mows, you don't!


These days, lawnmowers come in such a variety of sizes, models and prices that it is essential to research and choose the model that is most right for you and your lawn. The right Robomow for you will predominantly dependon the size of your lawn. 

Robomow® offers a selection of lawnmower models, from small mowers suitable for lawns up to 250m2 to larger mowers suitable for lawns up to 2000m2. Robomow® can handle any garden that a traditional petrol mower or electric mower can handle. Whatever your lawn size, Robomow® is the ultimate mowing convenience. It mows the lawn all by itself, while you relax or do something far more worthwhile with your time. 

What's more, Robomow® is a dedicated mulching mower (Grasscycling) that mulches better than a traditional lawnmower. Customers who are already using Robomow® report that their lawns were never so healthy and beautiful. 

Robomow® Lawnmower Specifications
  • Automatic departure from the Base Station at the days and times scheduled (City Models, RL2000 & RM400 models),
  • Innovative mulching blades that cut the grass precisely, at 5800 RPM,
  • Grasscycling techniques - valuable nutrients and water return to the lawn,
  • No need to collect the clippings,
  • No more weekends spent slaving over your lawn – Robomow mows the lawn for you, so you don't have to!
  • Edge mode for cutting along the edge of your lawn,
  • Optional manual control stick for specific manual use,
  • Ability to mow slopes and high grass (including the first cut of the season),
  • User controlled theft protection including an alarm system (in most models),
  • Exclusive Safety features not found on other mowers,
  • Environmentally friendly (no petrol, oil or emissions).