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Washing machine and dishwasher descaler ( two packs )

Oust descaler twinpack


25 Watt oven Bulb 



40 Watt oven Bulb

Water filter for American type Fridge Freezer  type In-Line ( External )


Water filter ( In-Line )

Water filter for Samsung Fridge Freezer  early type RS21 DA29-00003F Samsung water filter

This is a wire rack for your 
V-Zug 858 oven ( Special order )

Descaler for your V-Zug Coffee maker
Durgol Descaler for Coffee Maker

Durgol descaler for V-ZUG Steam Oven steam oven descaler

aqua prima water filterV-ZUG Coffee Maker Water filter 

Please Note that this picture is for illustration purposes and is not an exact representation .