Smart Choice

There are a number of companies who are "SMART CHOICE" companies and they all have signed up to these standards.
This gives you a consistency of service across all the companies.
Look for the "SMART CHOICE" in the Logo. 

Advanced Technology Ltd is a “Smart Choice” Company.

That means we have signed up to a working practice and minimum standard that gives you, our customer, assurances.

All the companies that are “Smart Choice” companies have agreed to keep these standards as a minimum.

Things that matter to our valued customers :

  • We endeavour to answer the phone when you call us within normal working hours promptly and politely and efficiently, and will offer you an appointment or advice where appropriate subject to availability, as soon as is practical or as is appropriate.

  • The engineer / fitter /specialist will do his best to arrive as close to the pre agreed appointment time as is possible, taking into consideration the variety of work he will encounter in any day.

  • The engineer / fitter/  specialist will arrive smartly and appropriately dressed, and display an identity card or badge. He will be polite and courteous and careful.   

  • We Will always respect your home and be careful while we are in your home.

  • He will take care to avoid causing any consequential damage while undertaking any work. And advise you if he encounter a problem that could potentially result in  unavoidable damage to the surroundings.

  • All the work taken on will be done by a suitably qualified person who holds up to date certificates ( If required ) for that work.

  • The engineer / fitter / specialist will have been suitably trained for the job in hand, and has access to other expertise as required.

  • He will try to work in a tidy way and try to keep consequential disruption to a minimum.

  • The labour charges and prices are prearranged and set so as to be as reasonable and fair as is possible.

  • Pre agreed pricing means that you know before deciding to go ahead what the known costs will be. ( unknown costs would be things like parts that may be found to be required )

  • If the pre agreed price for the repair is going to be exceeded then he will provide an updated quote for the work for your agreement before going  ahead, and explain the recommended or required work.

  • Prices always include  any V.A.T. that is due  and other charges that apply.  So you will not get hidden extras added on to the bill. (  If you are offered the option to pay by credit card as opposed to a debit card, the engineer may add on a 2% interest charge that the card company charge him. )

  • The work done will carry a 12 months guarantee and the parts fitted will also carry a 12 month guarantee.  These are subject to terms and conditions and exclusions. ( Items such as Appliances, equipment or units will have their own guarantee as provided by the manufacturer. )

  • The terms and conditions are clearly shown on each of the Smart Choice member’s company website for you to view prior to entering into an agreement to accept an offered appointment for the engineer/ fitter / specialist to visit.

  • All the member companies hold suitable public liability insurance to cover the work that they undertake.