....Sun Pipe


Natural daylight systems

The Monodraught SUNPIPE® natural daylight system directs sunlight into a room from roof level. Here, the SUNPIPE collects daylight using a patented Diamond dome, then it uses a silverised mirror-finished aluminium tube to transfer the light to a room, and finally a ceiling diffuser evenly distributes the light around the room.

The Diamond dome and diffuser also seal the SUNPIPE from the ingress of rain, dust, and insects. The SUNPIPE is effective in sunny, overcast, and rainy conditions, requires no maintenance, and is compatible with many building designs. For example, multi-floor solutions are possible and common, but some loss of transmittance will occur.

When compared against a roof light, a SUNPIPE eliminates glare, significantly reduces heat gains in the summer, and minimises heat losses in the winter. The SUNPIPE is manufactured in a wide range of diameters. to find out more and get a quote click here