Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions between Advanced technology Ltd and the customer


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TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT Between Advanced Technology Ltd and the “customer”, for an appointment, purchase of goods or provision of services.

The prices in the text was updated on 1st February 2021 and will be reviewed every 6 months and therefore work done outside these limits will not be up to date with the quoted rate )

Please take time to read these terms carefully as action will be taken on the basis of these terms if an appointment is arranged or we do work or provide services on your behalf.

All services we offer will terminate on 31st July 2021 and all warrantee and guarantee that we have provided will also expire on 31st July 2021


“Customer” means the person who requests any services of “Advanced Technology Ltd” by phoning, emailing, filing a form on our website, by fax, or by personal contact or by text message or any other means. Most of the services that are requested from us are to attend at an address and to apply our or expert advice or skill, or to provide expert advice or skill without attending an address.

  1. Appointments.
    Every effort will be made to attend the address as arranged. You will be notified as soon as possible if the appointment is likely to be significantly later than expected ( More than an hour ). The estimated time of arrival is an estimate and not a guaranteed time.

  2. Payment terms
    Advanced Technology Ltd will expect the customer to pay the engineer for all work done during his visit, including the call charge, labour and parts fitted and any other consumables or accessories upon conclusion of that visit. If a further visit is required to complete the work then there may be other amounts to pay for the completion of the work.
    2a. If the work has been arranged or authorised by a third party then the payment for work done will be the responsibility of that third party. (e.g. a shop, manufacturer, landlord, responsible person, kitchen centre, or other service provider. )

  3. Payments methods
    Payments for the appointment will be required during the time of the engineer visit. The preferred method is now by visa Debit card if that is not possible then payment can be by Credit card or alternatively cash or cheque, unless specific arrangements have been agreed by the managing director of Advanced Technology Ltd prior to the appointment.

  4. Unpaid bills or overdue invoices ( for example, bounced cheques ) will attract an ADDITIONAL CHARGE each time the outstanding invoice is chased of £12.50. The outstanding payment including the ADDITIONAL CHARGE is then due to be paid in full.

  5. Costs of work
    There is a fixed payment arrangement for the appointment and time is not charged for separately for the first 90 minutes. See price list below.

  6. V.A.T.
    All prices, quotes and estimates are inclusive of V.A.T. unless stated otherwise.

  7. Manufacturer’s guarantee
    If the product is under the manufacturer’s guarantee you must contact the manufacturers to arrange a repair as Advance Technology Ltd cannot undertake any guarantee work without the manufacturer’s authority and job number from them.

  8. Price list:
    These prices are valid up to the end of July 2021
    Fixed labour rate ( Standard charge ) for first 1 hour 30 mins ( £12.50 per ¼ hour after the first 1 hour 30 mins ) Call booking Price depends on distance from the office.
    Area Zone 1: £67.50 + parts for Benfleet, Hadleigh, Canvey Island Pitsea, Rayleigh
    Area Zone 2: £76.50 + parts which covers: Laindon, Wickford, Billericay, Basildon, Stanford-le-Hope, Leigh-on-Sea, Westcliff-on-Sea,
    Area Zone 3: £91.50 + parts which covers: Hullbridge, Hockley, Rochford Southend-on-Sea Thorpe Bay. Shoeburyness We do not work outside these areas listed.
    8a. Add £7.50 more for Gas appliances and Refrigeration appliances, ADD £15.00 more for a requested Saturday call. In all cases. ( Whenever a Saturday visit is requested for any reason or under any circumstances the £15.00 charge will be due to be paid. except for when we request to carry out the visit on a Saturday )
    8b. For Vacuum Cleaners or Microwave Ovens delivered to the workshop at 84 Richmond Avenue, (this service is offered completely at the customers risk, no responsibility can be taken for anyone entering the premises or property ) an inspection and estimate will be done for £12.50 which will be required when the equipment is dropped off at our workshop. Labour will be charged for repair work: £12.50 per quarter of an hour.
    8c. For appliances attended to at an address that the customer considers may not be worth repairing an assessment of the fault can be done by the engineer, the charge will be the normal call booking charge less £20.00. If the appliance has to be worked on, dismantled, or tested for more than 10 minutes to find the fault to establish the cost of repair then the normal charges will apply and the £20.00 write off discount cannot be offered. The appliance may not be able to be reassembled into its previous state depending on the condition of the appliance.
    8d. Cancellation A fee of £40.00 will be charged to the person who arranged the visit if an appointment is broken or cancelled without 24 hours’ notice. If a customer is out when the engineer calls to an address a payment of £40.00 is to be paid prior to re-booking. If an unavoidable situation arises, please phone the office (012668 799788) as soon as possible, we will try to provide the engineer with an alternative appointment to avoid the £40.00 fee. If a replacement appointment cannot be arranged then the fee will be due.

    a. If a part fails and is within the terms of our guarantee we will replace the part at no cost.
    b. If any other work is required to be done then the normal call charge will apply.
    c. We will not Guarantee parts Supplied by the customer or another company which we have been asked to fit.
    d. Parts supplied and fitted by Advanced Technology Ltd which have been paid for as a chargeable repair, have a guarantee which expires on 31st July 2021. On condition that the appliance is used for normal domestic purposes in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions ( or commercial equipment used in a manner to which they were designed and intended ) and Excludes failure due to accidental damage or due to an external influence, ( e.g. power surge, water ingress, chemicals, corrosion, blockages, failure of a different component ) and normal wear due to use of the appliance.
    e. Parts fitted under product’s guarantee do not have a guarantee themselves but come under the product’s guarantee.
    f. SOME PARTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED: Bulbs bags, filters, glass, and cosmetic damage.
    g. Some failure or breakdown is not guaranteed due to: Damage or failure due to lime scale, chemicals, wear, tear, rust or corrosion, Clearing blockages or removing foreign objects, failure due to a different part failing ( a knock on effect ).
    h. Domestic Appliances used for non-domestic purposes or are not in a domestic environment have no guarantee, and any repair also carries no guarantee.
    i. Work carried out by any other company or on behalf of any other company, will be covered by their guarantee.
    j. Any work done by Advanced Technology on behalf of any other company, Advanced Technology will expect payment as per normal charges. ( you may be able to claim back from the original company any costs or payments under their guarantee agreement if any.)

  10. Consequential damage or loss.
    We do not compensate for any consequential loss. E.g., replacement of damaged laundry or frozen food after a part failure, payment or reimbursement for work that you have done on recommendation from either us or an agent or manufacturer, or damage or injury you have caused or sustained by acting on recommendation by us or an agent or manufacturer.

  11. Work done by the engineer is carried out at the invitation of the customer and he will do his reasonable best to minimise any damage caused in the process of carrying out the work done. The engineer will not be financially responsible or liable for any damage caused during the visit however caused.

  12. Replacement of or the cost of replacement or repair of damaged floor or furniture or any other part of the fabric of the building due to water leakage, (


  1. This list of Consequential loss is not an exhaustive list but only an example)

    If a return visit soon after a repair has been completed is required on the same appliance, and it can be shown to be due to a different fault or a different component has failed, this visit would not come under the terms of the repair guarantee. It would not be considered as reasonable in this circumstance to charge a full standard charge.
    10a. So there is a scale of proportion for the visit. Calculated from the previous repair date to the recall booking date.

  3. Return within 9 days there is no charge.

  4. Return 10 days or over from the original visit: normal charge less £65.50 plus £2.00 per day counting from the previous completion date to the date the recall fault is reported.
    3 If the appliance is Gas or refrigeration an add-on charge of £7.50 is normally charged, this will not be charged again.
    4 If the return visit is requested to be done on a Saturday then a charge of £15.00 will be added on in any event.
    5 Note that if the call is then cancelled at short notice or the engineer cannot gain access the normal booking payments would apply (see cancellation charges)
    11 Part orders.
    Parts, components, equipment, accessories or appliances that have been ordered by the customer or the engineer or the office on behalf of the customer that are not normal stock must be paid for in advance of placing the order
    These items are not returnable and not refundable for any reason.
    If an item fails under its guarantee then its normal guarantee procedure will be followed.
    Any items that have not been paid for in advance of placing the order must be paid for by the customer within 30 days of the order regardless of whether the parts have been fitted or received by the customer.
    Parts, components, equipment, accessories or appliances that have been ordered or supplied or fitted remain the property of Advanced Technology Ltd until full and complete payment has been received by us.