The New 700 Series iRobot

The new Roomba 700 is the latest generation of Roomba;
It takes the sky-high standards set by the 500 series as a base... and then raises the bar.
A host of new features and technological advances deliver cleaning performance that redefines what you can expect from a vacuum-cleaning robot.

Stylish New Look
HEPA Filters
AeroVac™ Series 2 Bin
Moulded Soft-Touch Bumper
Dirt Detect™ Series 2
Persistent Pass Cleaning

  iAdapt™3 Stage Cleaning System Cleans all floor types; 
Dirt Detect™; 
Series 2 Stair and drop off detect;
Anti-tangle technology (tassels, cables); 
Self charging Home Base™ (auto docking);.High-capacity battery (external charging);
Maintenance package;
Moulded soft-touch bumper;
Automatic fault diagnostics;
Multiple cleaning modes;
Room size calculation;
AeroVac™Series 2 bin;
Bin full indicator.

normal price £524.85

Special Price for Autumn 2011

 now £499.85

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