G.D.P.R. Your Personal Information

The law relating to storing and using personal information has been updated and now requires us to make it clear what we do with personal information that you give us.

This is our policy regarding your personal information.


Advanced Technology Ltd Personal Data protection Policy Document.


This policy applies to all personal data which have been provided by our customers for the purposes of carrying out requested services or enquiries regarding our services.

This information might be given verbally or in written or typed form or stored on a database.

Your personal data is personal information which you provide to us so that we can provide a specific service. We might share this information with others for and limited to carrying out the requested service for which that information was given.

Your personal information has been given to the company on trust that it will not be passed on to any other party or person or company other than for the purposes of providing the service that you the customer has requested from us. Anyone who passes on our customer’s personal information to any other person or company or organization or allows it to be passed on for any other reason is in breach of this trust.

Any personal information provided by our customers in whatever form will be kept securely and reasonable care will be taken to keeping this information safe and secure.

Our DropBox files are shared only within our office and call center provider on a secure pass word protected and encrypted cloud based system provided by DropBox We do not have control on how this is encrypted or secured.

Our google Drive ( now called Backup and sync ) files also hold customer personal information and this also is protected by password access and is encrypted by google.

Copies of our data or databases is not permitted to be made by anyone who has gained access to it. Our databases including the content layout and design are and remain the property of Advanced Technology Ltd.

Customers who wish to see what personal information we hold about them can see it on our most recent job sheet where it is reproduced each time a job sheet is created. A Copy of the most recent job sheet is always available on request of the customer.

We are required by law to keep our records for at least 7 years for tax reasons. Therefore if you would like us to remove your personal data from our systems then we can remove files that are older than 7 years. please contact us if you would like us to do this.

Last updated 18 / 04 / 2018