Atag Heating Technology

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Advanced Technology Ltd is an approved  agent for Atag Heating Technology;

 A very high efficient boiler designed by British boiler service 
engineers who
have many years of experience of what makes a first class boiler.
  "A" efficiency rated reliable boiler with a lifetime guarantee on the primary heat 
exchanger and a 12 to 14 year Manufacturers  Guarantee on the whole boiler. 
These are available for conventional systems ( using a Hot water tank )  

or Combination ( No Hot water tank but Hot water on demand ).     

To discover more about Atag Boilers please click here > Atag Boilers

Here are some customer feedback comments from the website

"ATAG have been awarded with the 'Best Boiler' award in the Netherlands for the past 8 years. One of the tests to win this award is the noise level, and we got some great results with how quiet ATAG boilers are."

"Overall we are highly impressed with our Atag system and would recommend it to anyone thinking of updating their old system. The follow up call from Atag to check if we were happy with our purchase and if the installation was carried out to our satisfaction, was very thoughtful and appreciated. As far as we are concerned Atag  are at the top of their game!"

"service we have received from the outset has been superb. We have had no problems with the boiler but we have still received a number of calls from ATAG since the boiler was installed, to check that we understand the system and to confirm that we have no issues. I am confident that if we need any help in the future we have the re-assurance that we will get a good level of service. I have no reason to doubt that we have made the right choice."

"I would recommend this ATAG boiler to anyone looking for a new boiler and with a 10 year warranty and Lifetime replacement guarantee on the Heat Exchanger what is there not to like."